Who deserves a 2nd date?

Who deserves a second date?

By: Turkessa Gordon and Tarika Gordon

Date: 2/2020

Tarika: Giving some a second date is like letting them know you are interested, so this could be

a tricky question. I think that anyone that is entertaining you and worth your time. So, you

should spend it with someone who is worthy of your presents. Then again it depends on what

you are looking for, entertainment, sex, a friend or just conversation. But if you don’t interest me on date one there will not be a second, third or fourth. Just my opinion.

Turkessa: **my disclosure** (Ok before we go any further, I must let it be known that I am bit more serious than my baby sister.)

Depending on: what stage of life the woman is in and what is her purpose for dating? There are the women that are just dating to be dating without any purpose in mind. (known as prey to men) The woman that is dating with a purpose in mind of meeting her future husband are more particular about who deserves her time. (known as difficult to men)

The woman dating without a purpose will normally give every guy a chance before he sets off some alarm in the women’s psychic that something is not right. Therefore, everybody gets a second date unless a trigger is set off. The woman dating with a purpose has prerequisites and standards the guy must meet before the first date let alone the second. Therefore, before wasting time on the first date the guy must have met the woman’s standards. If the guy meets at least 2 to 4 of her prerequisites a 1st or even 2nd date will happen.

In either woman if the guy displays any characteristics that the woman does not agree with or wants to deal with as men with women you can go from the #1 prospect to the last in less than a night.